Jennifer Lawrence Shines in “No Hard Feelings”

“No Hard Feelings” is a comedy film that marks Jennifer Lawrence’s return to the big screen in a lead role in a full-on comedy. Despite its initially questionable premise, the movie showcases Lawrence’s comedic talent and serves as a reminder of her ability to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence. The film explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and the pursuit of happiness, all while delivering a generous dose of humor. While the movie may not reach the heights of other successful R-rated comedies, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance shines, anchoring the film with her charisma and comedic timing.

The Unconventional Premise:

A Challenging Set-Up:

The premise of “No Hard Feelings” revolves around Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Maddie Barker, a woman who finds herself in a dire financial situation. In order to secure a car, Maddie agrees to date a socially awkward 19-year-old named Percy, at the behest of his wealthy parents. Initially, the premise raises eyebrows due to its potential to cross the boundaries of good taste.

Jennifer Lawrence Shines in "No Hard Feelings"

Balancing Sweetness and Transgression:

Despite the potentially controversial setup, the film manages to maintain a level of sweetness that prevents it from becoming excessively raunchy or transgressive. Maddie, portrayed as a hot mess with a carefree attitude towards hooking up with a younger man, finds herself challenged by Percy’s timid nature. As the story progresses, the film evolves from a sex farce into an exploration of unlikely friendship and emotional growth for both Maddie and Percy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Comic Brilliance:

A Versatile Performer:

Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Maddie Barker is a testament to her versatility as an actor. Known for her dramatic roles in films like “Winter’s Bone,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and the “Hunger Games” series, Lawrence demonstrates her ability to excel in comedy as well. She effortlessly handles the physical comedy of Maddie’s exaggerated advances and delivers quippy, profanity-laden comebacks with precision. Lawrence’s performance serves as the driving force that holds the entire movie together.

The Power of Charisma:

Lawrence’s sheer charisma is a compelling argument for watching “No Hard Feelings.” While the film may have its flaws, Lawrence’s ability to light up the screen with her charm and comedic timing is undeniable. Whether it’s her portrayal of Maddie’s simmering rage towards the privileged vacationers in her hometown or her interactions with the rest of the cast, Lawrence’s presence elevates the film and keeps the audience engaged.

Jennifer Lawrence Shines in "No Hard Feelings"

Supporting Cast and Storytelling:

Andrew Barth Feldman’s Strong Performance:

Andrew Barth Feldman, in the role of Percy, proves to be a fitting foil to Lawrence’s comedic antics. As the socially awkward teenager, Feldman convincingly portrays Percy’s nervousness and sweetness. His chemistry with Lawrence shines through, providing a solid foundation for the story to unfold.

Missed Opportunities:

While Lawrence’s performance remains a highlight, the overall execution of “No Hard Feelings” leaves room for improvement. The film’s third act feels messy, favoring sweetness over raunchiness, which may not resonate with all viewers. The supporting characters, including Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti as Percy’s parents, and Kyle Mooney as his nanny, don’t receive enough development, diminishing their impact on the story.

A Deeper Core:

Beneath the surface-level humor, “No Hard Feelings” touches on deeper themes. Both Maddie and Percy are shown to be emotionally closed off and stuck in their respective ruts. As the story progresses, they find solace in each other’s company and embark on a journey of personal growth. The film manages to inject heart and sincerity into what could have been a superficial comedy, providing a satisfying emotional payoff.

Jennifer Lawrence Shines in "No Hard Feelings"

Comparison to Women-Behaving-Badly Comedies:

Falling Short of “Bridesmaids”:

“No Hard Feelings” attempts to capture the spirit of successful women-behaving-badly comedies like “Bridesmaids.” However, it falls short in terms of the overall execution and comedic impact. While Lawrence’s performance is commendable, the film lacks the tight script and consistent laughs that made “Bridesmaids” a hit. It struggles to strike the right balance between humor and heart, resulting in a somewhat uneven viewing experience.


Despite its flaws, “No Hard Feelings” offers an entertaining comedy experience thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s captivating performance. The film tackles an unconventional premise with a delicate balance of sweetness and transgression. While it may not reach the heights of other successful R-rated comedies, Lawrence’s comedic brilliance, coupled with a deeper core of emotional growth, makes the film worth watching. “No Hard Feelings” serves as a reminder of Lawrence’s talent and ability to tackle a wide range of roles, showcasing her versatility once again.

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